membranes Hi-Fre
High-frequency backpulsing of membranes

Hi-Fre -Membrane filtration units with integrated high frequency backpulsing

Membrane filtration has become a key technology for many environmental and industrial applications. Yet in spite of several cleaning options at hand, fouling phenomena such as cake layer formation and pore blocking still limit its performance. The objective of this project is to overcome these limits by developing a high frequency back-pulsing device, integrating it into membrane filtration systems and transferring the knowledge gained to new, more competitive products and services offered by the SMEs involved.

The applications to be investigated range from the treatment of liquid residues of biomass-based power generation to treatment and reuse of process fluids and wastewater, including membrane bioreactor applications. The project addresses all critical points along the value chain from membrane supply to end-use. Its outputs include insight into the hydrodynamics of high frequency back-pulsing, novel back-pulsing devices, adapted membrane/module configurations and new applications for a new technique.

The consortium includes three RTD partners focussing on technology, four SMEs manufacturing back-pulsing devices, ceramic membranes, polymeric membranes and filtration systems, one SME as system integrator, two SME end-users and one large end-user for testing and demonstration.